The Kazoos: A Teddy Bear’s Picnic

By Celia & Chris Hill

2018 National Tour

2018 – 2 venues

A production by The Kazoos in association with Christine Harris & HIT Productions.

Kids across the country are being swept away on a magical floating island with a toothless crocodile, a happy shark and a loveable teddy bear in “A Teddy Bear’s Picnic” a musical comedy for the young and the young at heart.

“A Teddy Bear’s Picnic” is the latest musical theatre show by The Kazoos, one of Australia’s most acclaimed children’s acts, who have entertained thousands of kids everywhere from the outback to Singapore.

Husband and wife team Chris and Celia Hill said the show was aimed at preschool and early primary aged children and features a host of original songs, dance, adventure and plenty of humour.

The show is directed by Chris’s mother, acclaimed TV and stage actress Betty Bobbitt, best known for her role in Australian TV show Prisoner.

“They say you shouldn’t mix family and business, but that rule doesn’t apply to show business,” said Ms. Bobbitt.

She said, “I was thrilled when my son asked me to be a part of The Kazoos, as I’ve been involved with children’s theatre for decades as an actor, writer and director.”

“Working with Mum has definitely been an inspiration. Having her in our corner is a real asset because she has been in he industry forever, even before I was born!” said Chris.

“My character Professor Silly (think Jim Carey for pre-schoolers) is always getting things wrong, so the kids help steer him in the right direction. They are encouraged to be very vocal… and they are!”

The Kazoos have been performing together for over ten years and offer a unique blend of entertainment and education, encouraging kids to get involved in their shows and learn while having fun.

Celia Hill, who plays Professor Silly’s best friend Tulip, says the secret of what makes The Kazoos work so well for family audiences is that they are quite literally a family act themselves.

“We started out in a garage as a songwriting duo with our own kids as our first audience and sternest critics and it’s just grown almost organically since then,” Celia said.

Chris Hill adds that even today despite the duo’s success, they are still very much hands-on in putting together their shows.

“Celia and I write all the songs, do all the marketing, graphic and web-design, build the sets and props, produce our DVDs & CDs and design the costumes. It’s truly a grass roots operation.”

Set on Kazooey Island, a magical oasis where anything can happen, A Teddy Bear’s Picnic takes kids on a quest to find Big Bear Brown because what ‘s a teddy bear’s picnic when your favourite teddy has gone missing!

The show is developed under the guidance of early childhood expert Margie Cohan to ensure it is educational as well as fun.


Chris Hill: Writer & Artist

Celia Woodward: Writer & Artist

Betty Bobbitt: Director