HIT Education

HIT Education

In 1995, Christine Harris founded the Follow Your Dreams™ program, a series of free motivational talks by high profile speakers from the worlds of entertainment and sport. An award-winning actor Christine Harris commenced as the inaugural speaker with the speaker list then expanding to include marathon swimmers Tammy van Wisse and Shelley Taylor-Smith, musician Phil Ceberano, Olympic silver medallists Brent Livermore (hockey) and Ji Wallace (trampoline), Olympic Gold medallist Joey Fox (water polo), world champion netballer Eloise Southby, and television actors including Madeleine West. 

This and other similar programs created by Christine Harris and conducted in both Australia and New Zealand (such as her highly successful Step Ahead Go!Kicking Goals and the Dream and Achieve™ program) reached a total of 5,700 schools and over one million students from 1995 to 2003, achieving her the status of market leader provider of motivational talks in schools. These extensive programs were fuelled by corporate sponsorship allowing them to be provided free of charge. Around the time of the Commonwealth Games in 2004 when corporate competition was fierce, the decline in corporate sponsorship led to the closure of these extremely valuable and important youth programs. 

However, Christine’s commitment to young people has continued, via the free Sharing the Experience of the Arts schools talks and inspirational and music workshops during her theatre company’s tours Australia wide.