The Kazoos: Dress Up Box

The Kazoos: Dress Up Box

By Celia & Chris Hill

A production by The Kazoos in association with CHE Touring.

Ever since he was a little boy, Chris Hill, son of 80s TV icon Betty Bobbitt, knew that he never wanted to grow up. Now, thanks to forming surprise-hit children’s show THE KAZOOS with his wife Celia, he doesn’t have to!

“They say you shouldn’t mix family and business, but that rule doesn’t apply to show business,” said Ms. Bobbitt, the actress best known for her role as Judy Bryant in Prisoner Cell Block H. 

“I was absolutely thrilled when my son asked me to be a part of The Kazoos, as I’ve been involved with children’s theatre for decades as an actor, writer and director. And now to see my grandchildren performing with their parents on stage…well I have no words,” she said. 

Since 2005, Celia and Chris Hill, better known as Tulip and Professor Silly of THE KAZOOS have grown in popularity to become one of Australia’s most loved children’s acts. They have toured nationally and internationally, have released CDs and DVDs and most recently developed a new podcast especially for kids under six. 

“We love visiting new places and are always astounded at the kids’ responses whether we are in Asia or Outback Australia,” says Chris. 

Celia said: “We love using comedy and music to empower children to be creative thinkers. We ask our audience a lot of questions during the show and encourage kids to share their ideas. We want them to be as much a part of the show as an audience member as we are on the stage. Dress Up Box is a particularly interactive show set around a giant dress up box. We explore character, gender-identity and role play through a simple game of dress ups! We know children benefit cognitively, socially, and emotionally through dress-up play, so this show is a fun way to address some important topics with little people and hopefully inspire them to continue to learn through their own dress up play beyond the theatre experience.”

Many are raving about THE KAZOOS with prominent media and entertainment personalities singing their praises. Olympic swimmer Michael Klim said, “Our kids are obsessed with The Kazoos. We are definitely their biggest fans,” while Chris Cheney from the Living End proclaims, “My daughter is so star struck by The Kazoos! They might as well be The Beatles! Clever, funny and educational.”

Kids are guaranteed to have fun at THE KAZOOS show but be assured that it is educational as well as entertaining. The show was developed under the guidance of early-childhood expert Margie Cohen, a member of the Practitioner Advisory Group and consultant for the National Early Years Learning Framework. Margie says,”The Kazoos help children become active participants in a fun, engaging and empowering learning experience, and not simply passive recipients of entertainment.”

Directed by acclaimed TV and stage actress Betty Bobbitt (Prisoner, Melbourne Theatre Company etc.) and based on the foundations of good, old-fashioned entertainment, THE KAZOOS are the real deal.


Celia Hill

Chris Hill

Director: Betty Bobbitt

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