Richard Stubbs: Cachinnation

A production by Richard Stubbs in association with HIT Productions.

One of the biggest names in Australian comedy, Richard Stubbs is touring his 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival hit, Cachinnation.

For over three decades Richard has delivered his inimitable style of anecdotal comedy, based on real life experiences which always proves an immediate winner with his audiences.

Richard Stubbs has been successful in that most difficult of fields – Stand Up comedy and as a result he is one of the longest standing stand-ups in the business.

It’s not easy to coordinate everything to get yourself out of the house but with over 30 years of stand-up experience Richard is worth the effort!

Richard Stubbs is delivering his unique brand of stand-up which will take you away from everyday life and into the slightly twisted reality that is the world he lives in. Consistently working across Australia, Richard is match fit and ready to deliver every time you come and see the show.

Richard applies his quick mind and that razor-sharp delivery to his ordinary life and then shares his conclusions…. The hilarious result is what happens when you overthink, have too much imagination and plenty of time to ponder!

Spend an hour with Richard and you’ll have a great time. There are no life lessons that will make you a better person. It’s just his warped view on an ordinary idiotic world that will have you laughing and forgetting whatever that thing was you were worried about when you walked in.

Busier than ever Richard was heard last summer on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast while the regular crew took a break, come and join Richard for guaranteed fun, leave your cares at the door, walk away “cacking” yourself!

And what does Cachinnation mean do you ask? Come and see the show!

Upcoming Shows

29th MayPotato Shed, Drysdale VIC – 8pm