“Good production values and excellent casting seem to be the signature of Christine Harris and HIT.”
Len Power, Canberra Critics Circle (Managing Carmen)

“Christine Harris’ touring production of Australia Day is explosively funny. A terrific ensemble cast bring Jonathan Biggins’ satirical-swipe at our national day institution gloriously to life and with the added advantage of having the writer at the helm, tighter and sharper. I’ve no doubt regional audiences will embrace this satiric bit of nonsense with open arms. Bravo Christine Harris and HIT Productions for a fun night at the theatre.”
Stage Whispers (Australia Day)

“One of the funniest, quintessentially Australian plays I have ever had the pleasure to laugh along with, around, upside down and through. Not only has Jonathan captured the essence of a regional town committee and all the parts thereof, but he has also nailed the biodiversity therein. How can one man have such insight into the human element of ‘types’ and yet our own politicians don’t seem to know who any of us are? I guess that’s what makes great comedy (tragedy and comedy walk hand-in-hand) and for someone as erudite as Mr Biggins, well, the rest is history… past, present and future!”
Australian Stage Online (Australia Day)

”An outstanding theatrical experience of the type of greatness that sneaks up on you, resulting in shared post-show audience comments like it was fabulous  and  I love it  from all around.”
Blue Curtains Review (All My Love)

”They bring to the theatre a gently eloquent but deeply moving story of two people whose love story will endure through their letters, their poetry, the impact they made on the history of their time–and the deft writing of a perceptive playwright …and, in this production, a similarly deft director and skilfully perceptive actors.”
Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers (All My Love)

“This is a delightful play which has stood the test of time and seems as fresh as when it was first written. The opening night Audience had a good time with it and so did I.”
Len Power, Canberra Critics Circle (Educating Rita)

“This is a play and performance that could fill theatres night after night. Not often I give a standing ovation, but here was a performance that certainly deserved it.”
Gordon The Optom, Independent Theatre Association (Educating Rita)

“A fascinating new presentation that recreates the years Ball and Arnaz worked together, and eventually parted ways on America’s most successful situation comedy…Everybody Loves Lucy is a great evening’s entertainment.”
Neil Litchfield, Theatre People (Everybody Loves Lucy)

“The warmth of the polished production, starring Courtney Conway as Patsy Cline and Mandi Lodge as Louise Seger is immediate and all encompassing, but the secret must be the enduring music of Patsy Cline. Delightful, heart-warming – pure entertainment!”
Merlene Abbott, Stage Whispers (Always Patsy Cline)

“Directed by AFI award winning Denny Lawrence, Always…Patsy Cline is a wonderful showcase of the beautiful, classic songs of a musical icon For feature of its marvellous music, charming comedy and some fabulous frocks as costume, country music fans, in particular, should do-si-do themselves a favour and make sure to catch this tribute to an industry pioneer.”
Meredith Walker, Blue Curtains Brisbane (Always Patsy Cline)

“Hilarious, Uplifting & Perfectly Performed. She is in equal parts funny,endearing, cynical, vulnerable and brutally honest. This one- woman      show is as brilliant as it is fearless and Mandi Lodge delivers an outstanding performance in the title role of the currently touring HIT Production version.”
Deborah Jayne, Weekend Notes (Shirley Valentine)

“Shirley Valentine is touching, bittersweet and funny. Mandi Lodge’s brilliant performance as Shirley keeps the energy going and the laughs coming for the full two hour duration of the show.”
Jade Barker, ArtsReview (Shirley Valentine)

“Director Denny Lawrence and HIT’s production of Glorious hits all the high notes that Florence Foster Jenkins misses! It is slick – and as colourful as Foster Jenkins herself. Diana McLean carries the leading role with all the grandeur and eccentricity of the ‘diva’ herself. She sweeps through velvet curtains with confident aplomb; captivates her acolytes with buoyant charm; and ‘sings’ with all the happy, self-assured delusion that took Foster Jenkins to Carnegie Hall. McLean makes this part her own. She inhabits the character, finding the strong self-belief that sustained Foster Jenkins and the charisma with which she beguiled her friends and her audiences. “
Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers (Glorious!)

“McLean is wonderful. She creates an eccentric but hugely likeable character, who cannot be dissuaded from her delusions of grandeur. Whenever she opens her mouth to sing, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. But while this woman has such a steadfast belief that she is gifted in a way that she clearly is not, you do not hope to see her illusions shattered.”
Tim Garrett, Theatre People (Glorious!)

“Under the assured direction of Denny Lawrence, for Christine Harris and HIT Productions, and with a tremendous cast, Hannie Rayson’s award winning play which inspired the film of the same name has been given a gentle, lyrical revival that reveals the volcanic intensity underneath.  Hotel Sorrento is an intimate, lyrical yet at times tense production of this great Australian play that raises issues we still need to consider.”
Lynne Lancaster, Arts Hub (Hotel Sorrento)

“HIT Productions’ entire cast and crew brought Hotel Sorrento to vivid life with emotional conviction and engaging nuance, allowing the audience to travel part of the road of the characters’ lives with them. Crystal-clear articulation delivered nearly every word perfectly to the entire auditorium; and detailed (and frequently changed) sets and a variety of beautiful lighting well conveyed the seaside town’s changeless character. All in all, the quality of production and direction and the professionalism of its actors have made of the play an engaging storytelling vehicle worthy of notice.”
John P. Harvey, Stage Whispers (Hotel Sorrento)

“The Sapphires presented by Christine Harris and HIT Productions is a funny and heart-warming celebration of four incredible women. Each of these actresses brings depth and complexity to their characters, as well as a tangible sisterly love for each other. It is not often that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are centred in musical theatre. Tony Briggs’ remarkable play is an important part of changing this. I recommend going along to be dazzled and delighted, and to celebrate the more fabulous parts of Australia’s rich and diverse music and history.”
Michelle Sutton, Theatre Travels (The Sapphires)

“This was a buzz from beginning to end with the show starting with the four Sapphires belting out a tune as they do so many times during the performance. In the journey there’s a lot for we, the audience, to engage with. Lots of drama and also plenty of humour as the women have a good, positive outlook and nothing will stop them wanting to perform. This was a winner. A good production…a heart-warming storyline and a great score.”
David Kary, Sydney Arts Guide (The Sapphires)