TOUR HISTORY 1999 – 2020

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YearTourProductionsNo. Tour WeeksNo. VenuesNo. Perfs
19991Hotel Sorrento (Hannie Rayson, AU)412
20002Hotel Sorrento (Hannie Rayson, AU)721
3Goodbye Mrs Blore (Robert Hewett, AU)823
4Girl Talk (Patrick Edgeworth, UK)827
20015Girl Talk (Patrick Edgeworth, UK)2142
6Music 2001 (AU)312
7Love Child (Joanna Murray-Smith, AU)727
8Daylight Saving (Nick Enright, AU)614
20029Daylight Saving (Nick Enright, AU)11.531
10Talking Heads (Alan Bennet, UK)1332
200311Speaking in Tongues (Andrew Bovell, AU)1634
12Last of the Red Hot Lovers (Neil Simon, US)1333
13An Evening With (Alan Bennett, UK)514
200414Wallflowering (Peta Murray, AU)14.543
15Last of the Red Hot Lovers (Neil Simon, US)1027
16My Brilliant Divorce (Geraldine Aron, IRE)1024
17The Gin Game (D.L Coburn, US)720
200518The Breath of Life (David Hare, UK)10.523
19Wallflowering (Peta Murray, AU)618
20My Brilliant Divorce (Geraldine Aron, IRE)928
21Barmaids (Katherine Thomson, AU)1333
22President Wilson in Paris (Ron Blair, AU)1332
23Deckchairs (Jean McConnell, UK)11.530
200624Double Act (Barry Creyton, AU)720
25Hotel Sorrento (Hannie Rayson, AU)1548
26Love Child (July/Aug) (Joanna Murray-Smith, AU)3.54
27Wallflowering (Peta Murray, AU)420
28Love Child (Oct/Nov) (Joanna Murray-Smith, AU)39
29Barmaids (Katherine Thomson, AU)922
30The Gin Game (D.L Coburn, US)37
200731Love Child (07-08) (Joanna Murray-Smith, AU)510
32Educating Rita (Willy Russell, UK)18.550
33The Club (David Williamson, AU)1545
200834The Club (David Williamson, AU)1936
35The Kazoos in Concert AU420
36Shirley Valentine (Willy Russell, UK)14.545
37Menopause the Musical® (Jeanie Linders, US)22.542
38Travelling North (David Williamson, AU)1433
200939Menopause the Musical® (Jeanie Linders, US)49.565
40Travelling North (David Williamson, AU)9.516
41A Stretch of the Imagination (Jack Hibberd, AU)1427
42Wild World – The Cat Stevens Story (Jim McPherson, AU)1021
43The Jungle Book – A Musical Tale (Glenn Elston, AU)1452
201044Menopause the Musical® (Jeanie Linders, US)4277
45Driving Miss Daisy (Alfred Uhry, US)1955
46Wild World – The Cat Stevens Story (Jim McPherson, AU)927
47Cosi (Louis Nowra, AU)1754
201148Furiously Fertile (Rod Saunders, AU)1332
49Menopause the Musical® (Jeanie Linders, US)16.534
50Motherhood The Musical (Sue Fabisch, US)4551
51The Sum of Us (David Stevens, AU)2350
201252Let the Sunshine (David Williamson, AU)2459
53Menopause the Musical® IN CONCERT (Jeanie Linders, US)2265
54Menopause the Musical® (Jeanie Linders, US)2647
55Diving for Pearls (Katherine Thomson, AU)1635
201356It’s My Party (And I’ll Die If I Want To) (Elizabeth Coleman, AU)21.544
57They’re Playing Our Song (Neil Simon, US)7.510
58The Club (David Williamson, AU)12.525
59The Book Club (Rodney Fisher/Roger Hall, AU/NZ)17.530
60Love… and all that follows (Denis Follington, AU)3.56
61When Dad Married Fury (David Williamson, AU)7.517
62The 39 Steps (Patrick Barlow, UK)10.523
Total 1999-2013 =3765
201463They’re Playing Our Song (Neil Simon, US)3.5719
64When Dad Married Fury (David Williamson, AU)71422
65Managing Carmen (David Williamson, AU)143352
66Love Letters (A.R. Gurney, US)4715
67Just The Ticket (Peter Quilter, US)5.51219
68The 39 Steps (Patrick Barlow, UK)12.52444
69Bombshells (Joanna Murray-Smith, AU)9.51833
70The Kazoos – What’s Up Croc? (AU)122
71The Kazoos – Christmas Show (AU)0.511
201572The Kazoos – What’s Up Croc? (AU)2.5916
73Just The Ticket (Peter Quilter, US)113
74The One Day of the Year (Alan Seymour, AU)163855
75Australia Day (Jonathan Biggins, AU)214467
76All My Love (Anne Brooksbank, AU)11.51729
77The Kazoos – Christmas Show (AU)123
201678All My Love (Anne Brooksbank, AU)5.5525
79Australia Day (Jonathan Biggins, AU)5819
80The Kazoos – Teddy Bear’s Picnic (AU)2.569
81Music – 2016 (8x shows, see below) (AU)41419
82The Underarm (Christopher Brougham, NZ)4911
83Educating Rita (Willy Russell, UK)173951
84Always…Patsy Cline (Ted Swindley, US)20.54662
85The Kazoos – Christmas Show (AU)246
201786Always…Patsy Cline (Ted Swindley, US)6917
87Classic Country starring Courtney Conway (AU)289
88Rumour Has It: Naomi Price as Adele (AU)81821
89Everybody Loves Lucy (Elise McCann/Richard Carroll, AU)51618
90Shirley Valentine (Willy Russell, UK)184056
91Glorious! (Peter Quilter, UK)71122
92Music – 2017 (7x shows, see below) (AU)12.53640
93From Broadway to Ballroom/Tango Meets Waltz (AU)1.5510
94The Kazoos – Christmas Show (AU)0.534
95Isaiah Live In Concert (AU)133
201896All My Love (Anne Brooksbank)7.52223
97Glorious! (Peter Quilter, UK)41015
98Shirley Valentine (Willy Russell, UK)124
99Around The World In 80 Days (Jules Verne, FRANCE /Toby Hulse, UK)71318
100Hotel Sorrento (Hannie Rayson, AU)9.53254
101Always…Patsy Cline (Ted Swindley, US)6.51517
102Isaiah Live In Concert (AU)31010
103Playhouse Creatures (April DeAngelis, UK)124
104I Am My Own Wife (Doug Wright, US)113
105Rockumentaries (The Tales of Angry Old Men/Pearl: The Janis Joplin Story, AU)1.555
106The Kazoos (all shows, AU)136
107Music / Comedy 2018 (11x shows, see below) (AU)62933
2019108The Sapphires (Tony Briggs, AU)31.579109
109Music/Comedy 2019 (8x shows, see below) (AU)31416
110Playhouse Creatures (April DeAngelis, UK)0.522
111Isaiah: Live & Beyond (AU)14.54040
112WaistWatchers the Musical! (Alan Jacobson, US)81217
113My Brilliant Divorce (Geraldine Aron, IRE)13.53242
2020114The Sapphires (Tony Briggs, AU)1.555
115Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (Ray Lawler, AU)1.555
116Music/Comedy 2020 (6x shows, see below) (AU)488

HIT Productions’ shows previous to touring: 

Duet for One (Tom Kempinski, 1993)

Crimes of the Heart (Beth Henley, 1995)

Hotel Sorrento (Hannie Rayson, 1998)


2016: Cool Britannia, Dusty & The Divas and/or Legendary Ladies of Showbiz, A Guy & A Gal, Tenori: Timeless, This Kidd Can Sing, Tom Jones & The Divas, We’ve Only Just Begun: The Music of the Carpenters

2017: Cool Britannia, Dusty & The Divas and/or Legendary Ladies of Showbiz, This Kidd Can Sing, We’ve Only Just Begun: The Music of the Carpenters, Luke Kennedy: His Voice, Tenori: Timeless & Geraldine Turner: Turner’s Turn

2018: From Broadway To Ballroom, Dusty & The Divas and/or Legendary Ladies of Showbiz, Tom Jones & The Divas, We’ve Only Just Begun: The Music of the Carpenters, Classic Country starring Courtney Conway, Tenori: Timeless,  Gin Swing, Pictures: Songs From Movie Musicals, How Sweet It Is, Geraldine Turner: Turner’s Turn, Ron & Brenda Go Country

2019: From Broadway to Ballroom, Tango Meets Waltz, Dusty & The Divas and/or Legendary Ladies of Showbiz, We’ve Only Just Begun: The Music of the Carpenters, Tenori: Timeless, Rain Or Shine: The Judy Garland Story, The Songs & Tales of Angry Old Men, Pearl: The Janis Joplin Story, Ron & Brenda Go Country

2020: Dave O’Neil Live…ly, The Duets Show, Gina Jeffreys: Beautiful Tangle, Rain or Shine: The Judy Garland Story, James Blundell in Concert, An Evening with Wendy Matthews