Duet For One

By Tom Kempinski

1993 Season

August 25 – September 4, 1993, 2 week Melbourne Season at the Victorian Arts Centre (George Fairfax Theatre) and then on September 9 – September 10, 2003 toured to the Geelong Performing Arts Centre for 3 performances. 

A production by Christine Harris & HIT Productions

Stephanie Anderson, a world-famous violinist, becomes unable to play because of multiple sclerosis. A depressed psychiatrist she sees is unable to help with her rage and frustration. Her star pupil, realizing he will learn nothing more, leaves her. Her husband departs with his young secretary, and her accompanist dies. Her fierce desire to be alone in her pain alienates everybody except her faithful maid. She gives all her musical effects to a totter (an itinerant scrap merchant), who she asks into her bed as well. Watching a videotape of a concert triumph, she takes an overdose but the maid breaks in to try and save her. In an epilogue, which may be a dream, the psychiatrist has become a friend while her ex-husband and former pupil come back to see her, as does the ghost of her accompanist.


A hit for HIT.
Mary-Anne Caleo, Radio, Radio 3RPH & The Melbourne Times, VIC, 08/93

Moving record of past pain…a quick thinking actor who draws easily other positive energy, Harris is at her best when being snappy and smart with her Doctor. Lex Marinos gives a fine performance as Dr. Feldmann.
Catherine Lambert, Sunday Herald Sun, VIC, 08/93


Stephanie Abrahams: Christine Harris

Dr. Alfred Feldmann: Lex Marinos


Playwright: Tom Kempinski

Director: Kim Durban 

Designer: Richard Jeziorny 

Lighting Designer: Rachel Burke