Crimes of the Heart

By Beth Henley

1995 Season

May 29 – June 18, 1995, 3 week Melbourne Season at the Universal Theatre.

A production by Christine Harris & HIT Productions

The three MaGrath sisters are back together in their hometown of Hazelhurst, Mississippi for the first time in a decade. Lenny, the eldest, never left Hazelhurst — she is the caretaker of the sisters’ cantankerous Old Granddaddy. Meg, the middle sister, left home to pursue stardom as a singer in Los Angeles, but has, so far, only found happiness at the bottom of a bottle. And Babe, the youngest, has just been arrested for the murder of her abusive husband, Zackery Bottrelle. Under the scorching heat of the Mississippi sun, past resentments bubble to the surface and each sister must come to terms with the consequences of her own “crimes of the heart.”


A slick offering from HIT Productions.
Sandra Kanis, Melbourne Weekly, VIC, 06/95

Very lavish production…very beautiful…very enjoyable production. Enchanting dialogue and genuinely hysterical scenes Krystof Kozlowski’s set design is evocative and beautiful…Lani’s singing of the title song is electrifying.
Chris Boyd, Herald Sun, and on 3LO (Elaine Canty Programme), VIC, 06/95

Right out of left field. The performance lifts off like a rocket.
Barbara Biggs, Sunday Herald Sun, 06/95

A crime if you missed it… a treat for the heart.
Roxanne Bennett, K Rock, Geelong, VIC, 06/95


Babe Borrelle: Beth Buchanan

Meg MaGrath: Simone Buchanan

Lenny MaGrath: Susanne Chapman

Chick Boyle: Alyssa-Jane Cook

Doc Porter: Leon Teague

Barnette Lloyd: David Tredinnick


Vocalist: Juliette Bradley-Buchanan / Lani Zaitman

Saxophonist: Tony Buchanan

Keyboards: Phil Turicio


Playwright: Beth Henley

Director: David Myles 

Set & Lighting Designer: Krystof Kozlowski 

Costumes: Lynette Ruwoldt