Following broadbased consultation and then identifying a need in the regional and metro touring market, in January 2018 Christine Harris launched CHE Touring. This allowed a dedicated focus on the needs of festivals and venues for targeted programming from the music and comedy genres and the ability to separate and streamline overall operations.

CHE Touring’s artistic practice sees:

  • Liaison with festivals, and a range of council run venues to collaborate/assess specific and general programming needs including daytime programming, 
  • New work created/produced through collaboration with emerging and/or leading music performers and comedians, 
  • Shows are toured either to one-off or multiple destinations.

CHE Touring has provided music artists such as Rai  Thistlethwayte, Adam Harvey, Isaiah Firebrace, Adam Eckersley & Brooke McClymont for major festivals including Isa Street Festival (Mt Isa City Council), Beat the Heat Festival (Cloncurry Shire Council), The Life Music Festival (Shire of Carnarvon) and AUSTFEST (Sutherland Shire Council). Comedy artists have included Urzila Carlson, Nazeem Hussian, Dave O’Neil, Lehmo, Peter Rowsthorn and Fiona O’Loughlin and for daytime programming musical theatre performers such as Kerrie Anne Greenland, Angela Lumicisi and many more. 

Contact CHE Touring here: 
0438 626 052
03 9584 9498

A Snapshot of Shows CHE Touring have Tour Coordinated

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