The Songs & Tales of Angry Old Men

2018 – 2019 National Tour

2018 – 1 venue – Sale
2019 – 5 venues – Cleveland, Margaret River, Kalamunda, Carnarvon & Broome

The Songs & Tales of Angry Old Men

A production by Fish out a Water Productions in association with HIT Productions & CHE Touring.

What happens when you join the poets, the troubadours, the singers and songwriters who gave us something to think about? What happens when they grow a little weary, leave us or simply stay on to keep on keeping on?

The music that defined moments and gave those baby boomers and the world the best music ever.

Now sharing with other generations who can continue to discover and be enriched by a good old dose of vintage retro music from an era that will never be forgotten!

Let’s add to that tales about each of the artists and their music with a cheeky and playful delivery.

Highlighting the music of Dylan, Cohen, Waits, Morrison, Petty, Segar, Cave, Cash, Mellencamp and so many more.

This production will reunite or introduce you to artists and music that will never be forgotten!

Delivering the music and tales is a cast of contented talented and happy musicians who have had thousands of hours of experience with a variety of national and international productions under their sometimes angry old selves!

You will be taken on a trip that has no artificial additions and is drug free!

It’s pure, organic and simply great rock and roll.

Artists & Musicians

Christine Keeble: Writer & Director – Fish out a Water Productions.

Jeremy Edwards: Musical director, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Has played with U.S blues greats Charlie Musselwhite andJohn Hammond. Plus many more.

Wayne Kellett: Bass Player

Matt Ross: Guitarist

Dianne Solomon: Keys Player

George Brugmans: Drummer